Western girl

She’s a western girl no doubt about it
But she don’t care about that cowboy stuff
Rhinestone suits and gold-plated boots
Nothing there that could buy her love

Still she’s the one you wish to take home
And dial her number on the public phone
Though she’s much more than a fantasy
You’d love to think of what she might be

Don’t you mess with a Utah farmer’s daughter
Cause she knows more about cows than cowboys do
If you think you know more about them daughters boy
You’ll be talking to a Utah lawyer soon

Cause she’s a western girl
Puts me in a Utah state of mind
She’s a western girl
Oh Lord how I wish that she were mine

When I first arrived here there was no warning:
“Girls are faster than that car you drive”
Hell I didn’t know but I’d soon find out
When I got stunned by a pair of them flashing eyes

With a beaming glow
Like the sun heading toward the West
And before you know
You forgot all about the rest
But don’t get wise on this one I was told
Cause she’s the kind who wants to have and to hold

© Van Lommel 1991