This love keeps runnin’ out on me

Well I wish I could write you that letter
You see I couldn’t say a word on the phone
But my pen won’t stick to the paper
So here I’m stuck all alone

Trying to let you know what I felt throughout the years
Fooling myself, pretend it’s not true
Still I might get you caught up with fear
Letting you know I’m still loving you

Can’t fight a restless heart baby
I ran up the hills and climbed a tree
There is no way out you see
This love keeps runnin’ out on me

A prowler’s hunted for and a hunter’s a prowler
You see I’m merely a gambler
But the stake’s worth betting for
Honky-tonks and all-nite bars
Can’t put the candle out on you
Empty bottles and a-glowing stars
I’ll be waking up amidst the morning dew

I'm closing in on you baby
Wish you knew where to find me
You got my love ready for the taking
But you're blindfolded by grief

A memory’s something hard to fight
And you’re just one I’ve never straightened out
God let me cry out over country music
Yeah I’ve spotted it alright
Your ’61 Buick
Here I come pounding like hell
Still it feels like heaven
Won’t drop a coin in the wishing well
Keeps telling me about sixes and sevens

© Van Lommel 1988