Tell me why

You can tell the mountain from the crater
And everything from here to Tokyo
You can tell me I'll see you later
Taking it the way you wanna go   
You can tell me stories about the big wide world
Taking time to take me all along
You could tell me why our love should never die baby
Tell me why you did me wrong

Baby tell me why, now don't you start complaining honey
Baby tell me why, you just be a good baby     

You're a movie when it comes to acting
A better part I bet no one can play
You're good at words in every conversation       
No single flaw no matter what you say

You talk about some fading moral conscience
You tell me there's no telling where it's gone
When it's late you're making me some eggs on plate baby
But tell me why you did me wrong

I'd be glad to know you're out there waiting for me baby
Instead of playing around with my heart
I don't need no full-fledged well-read educating lady
Let's hear the truth or ain't that just as smart

© Van Lommel