Season of love

When fall arrived
You really made me feeling blue
Winter time was long and lonesome without you
Spring gave me the strength to carry on
Well it’s still summer now
But it won’t last that long

Now it’s the season of love
Beautiful season
This one’s gonna last forever
This season of love
Most beautiful season
Cause I’m sure in love with you

The weatherman bragging ‘bout
Blue skies all the time
While I was trying to keep me
From going down
Sometimes you need more than such a favour
Cause when it’s gone
You start looking out for later

Don’t wanna spend no more nights alone
All my life I’ve been waiting just for you

Now it’s the season of love, season of love
I just can’t wait to hold you close to me
Season of love, season of love
Come on baby I’ve been longing for your loving

© Van Lommel 1990