Reconsider now

Something’s wrong today and I can’t say why
I woke up in a daze, my thoughts were blurred
The night had been good I still recall that funny dream
I was elected prince charming at the local B.C.
Sure I must have been laughed at by the shiny looking dudes
Dressed up in their baggies and silk tuxedo suits

And here I am now trying to waste my time
Somebody said: Hey man you better toe the line
Before it gets worse and they pull you down
But no one ever told me that I had to be kind
Thanks just the same for the considerate information
But I’m over the hill yeah you know, downward bound

I get kicked and I’m pushed away
Before I get a chance for something to say
I don’t mind maybe I’ll never get nowhere
But if I do it would only be fair
Reconsider now
Reconsider me now

Don’t tell me I’m wrong about anything at all
A stage can burn and still the show goes on
Who cares anyhow about the way you feel
The one thing that counts is that you play it real
Catch me in the act before I sneak out with my prey
I may be here tomorrow but I’m sure gone today

People stretched out languidly in the park
The sun’s beating down on ‘em but that’s what they want
Under the osier I lie down for a while
It’s true I love the view, the deep blue sky
But I don’t want to know and I don’t care to see
If this is all there’s in store for me

© Van Lommel 1985