Outlaw’s luck

I saw them ridin’ you know
Well they sure looked great
First time I didn’t object
Nobody comin’ around

Make’s ya stop and wonder
Does this mean I gotta go
Make’s ya stop and wonder
What you’ve been waiting for

You know Luke’s quite a hero
A good thing he’s lucky
Wanna be his doin’ right posse
And hunt ‘em down like a whiskey wino

For all the luck they had
No sooner were we arriving
Than from their guns was gushing lethal lead
For all the luck they had
I couldn’t keep them from dying
They just fell down without a tear being shed
Outlaw’s luck,
Outlaw’s luck

We went through valleys and plains
Crossed sierras and rivers
In harsh pursuit of our game
We couldn’t let slip away

Track ‘em down by the horseshoe
Or by a night-lit fire
We’ll track ‘em till the blue yonder
They won’t get much higher

© Van Lommel 1989