One horse town

In a town where nothing’s ever going down
And all you can do is hang around
Where a car ain’t necessarily a car
And people don’t care to go real far

Where I am just one of the others
And they’re all the same as I
Where the only love that’s coming to ya
Is the one you find in your mother’s eyes

Till you came to stop by
Out of and into nowhere
What you call big dreams in a small town
Seems the day is finally there

Where you came from I couldn’t tell
But you set the whole damn place on fire
A fire so big, arson you commit
There was no tryin’ in putting it out
This blaze in my heart, caught by a spark
From the heat that you sent
How could I look away and resist when you tempted
I was ever alone here in this one horse town
You made me forget I was here in this one horse town
Ever alone here in this one horse town

Such a place where time don’t seem to fly
And the A bomb a great big lie
The only news is the local news
That’s how far it goes

Yet nothing really happens but barroom fights
Gonna steal the show
No we ain’t got no pizza parlor
To stuff ourselves for a buck and dime
We never trusted things from the outside
Cause they never looked like the home-made kind

But not any longer
You’re here to still my hunger
Now that you came this far
Take me a little further with ya down the line

© Van Lommel 1990