Have mercy on me

I told you before
You don't see things the way they are
When you turn over the leaves of your ladies magazine
You blink your eyes as if some hero you'd seen

But I'm no hero and about my deeds you'll never read
When I finished school there was no cause for greed
Now I'm deeply touched I had to look away
Instead of running for help you just asked for delay

Have mercy on me that's all I ask you
Have mercy on me I respect you
Have mercy on me please hear my plea
Have mercy on me for always to be

I saved the wine for better days to come
Bought some flowers but it was no fun
You didn't show up I wondered "where did she go?"
I asked a friend he said "you really wanna know?"

Now I'm OK but that wasn't sweet
You know she made a mistake, she didn't stand on her feet
Well I'm a positive guy and you know what they say
There is no reason to die because of one phoney day

© Van Lommel 1986