Finish what I started

Well I am sorry baby but I didn't come this far to get fooled by you
I had my share of rocky roads, bearing the blue
If you're just one more downfall, deceiver on the loose
Roll on sweet angel, spare me the booze

My life has been a sequence of all the things you run from night and day
I'm about to change that now, keeping the ghosts away
Seems that you're not quite the one I thought would never bring me down
You'll be surprised to hear me say: baby put away the wedding gown

My daddy always said to me: Finish what you started boy
Now don't take the things you do just half the way
I'm gonna finish whatever it is I started
Whatever it is I started with you

A man must clean up all the mess and dirt he got himself into
Live and learn and learn to live, it's your only clue
Obligations there to meet, responsibilities to keep
I know they can not be denied, not with you still by my side

© Van Lommel 1990