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Down the road - 6 jan 2024
Recorded live @Tabloo in Dessel, Belgium (Van Lommel & Pat Caers)
Album "A Life in Music"

Outlaw's luck (live 1995)
Acoustic live performance, recorded at Poorthuis, Peer - Belgium on February 16, 1995
Available on Spotify

Forever on a road (live VRT tv)
Recorded live at VRT studios in Brussels, Belgium on March 11th, 1990 for the "3 uur Jessie" show.
Van Lommel (guitar, vocal), Pat Caers (guitar, backing vocal), Theo Puts (drums), Geert Boeckx (bass)
From the album
Down the Road 'X-panded'

Powerplay interview 2022
Interview through Powerplay magazine March 2022.
Click cover to read interview...

Gesloten in mijn hart
Performed by Marleen Loos with Van Lommel (guitar, bass),
Peter Ooms (guitar), Benny Dom (drums)

De regen en de nacht
Performed by Marleen Loos with Van Lommel (acoustic solo, vocals, bass),
Peter Ooms (guitar),
Benny Dom (drums), Luc Stynen (keys)

Lockdown Boogie
Recorded during covid lockdown april 2020.
New version available soon!

J'ai failli t'aimer
A one time French performance.
The video was produced in 2020, but the song was recorded in the summer of 1986.
Andreas De Troy (organ, percussion), Van Lommel (guitars, vocals, bass),
Lidy Hendrickx & Mia Christiaens (harmony vocals)
© Andreas De Troy

In 1991 I was fortunate to sing a duet with the late Yasmine (Hilde Rens).
At the time the song "Candy" was a big hit for Iggy Pop & Kate Pierson.
Recorded live on june 29, 1991 in Geel, Belgium.
Yasmine & Van Lommel (vocals), Pat Caers (guitar),
Benny Dom (drums), Geert Boeckx (bass) © Iggy Pop

Ann Van Elsen interview
2 Radio interviews I did with Ann Van Elsen (Joe radio host) on NMBS-SNCB Radio Pros about my music.
December 21st 2021 the songs "All together Pros" and "The Mississippi paved my way".
December 22nd 2022 the songs "Down the Road" and "Valentine (You and I)".

Ann Van Elsen Van Lommel

Close to my heart
Performed by Marleen Loos with Van Lommel (guitar, bass), Peter Ooms (guitar), Benny Dom (drums)  © 1997

Falling Rain
Performed by Marleen Loos with Van Lommel (acoustic solo, bass, backing vocals),
Peter Ooms (guitar), Benny Dom (drums),
Luc Stynen (keyboards)  © 1997

Falling Rain
Alternate acoustic version, as recorded by Barbara Dex,
released on Sony cd-single only. (© 1997 Van Lommel)

All together pros
Song I wrote/produced for the NMBS/SNCB PROS campaign, december 2021.
Musicians: Wies Verstraete (bass), Wim Geeraerts (drums), Van Lommel (guitar, vocals),
Jean-Luc Deglein (saxophone), Virginie Lamury (piano), singers Sydney Maka Esese (rap part),
Caroline De Lille, Gwendolien Vanderschaeghe, Filip Pauwels, Gerry Lambrechts & Geert Meuleman.
© Van Lommel & Maka Esese (rap part)

You're the boss (duet with Barbara Dex)
Elvis Presley and Ann-Margret cover intended for the Viva Las Vegas movie.
Soundboard recording live at the cultural center in Mol, Belgium june 8, 2002.
Barbara Dex (vocals), Van Lommel (guitar, vocals), Martyn Hanson (bass)
Danny Arnouts (drums), Luc Stynen (keyboards), Albert Vercauteren (guitar)
© Jerry Leiber &  Mike Stoller

Lead me, guide me
Helping out on backing vocals for this sweet live rendition of the gospel classic "Lead me, guide me".
Recorded live on april 7th, 2001 at the cultural center in Mol, Belgium.
Barbara Dex, Karin Peetermans, Van Lommel ,Mirjam Lagaisse (vocals),
Cyriel Sol (bass), Luc Stynen (piano) © Doris Akers

First time on TV this one! It was recorded live and I was asked to play some bass.
Broadcast on Belgian television VRT in june 1988.
Andreas De Troy (vocal, organ), Van Lommel (bass), Lidy Hendrickx (vocals),
Ron Vervecken (drums), unidentified (guitar) © Andreas De Troy

© Vanlommelmusic