Borderline fool

I’m trying to feel the way you felt
When you caught me on a lie
Was no use trying to hide
The things I did on the sly

I went astray, borderline fool
Looking for a better girl than you
In time I’d pay, I knew I had it coming
Now it’s a debt for which I’m longing

I ain’t a borderline fool no more baby
Wanna live between your heart and mine
Together baby
Did you know I’d come back?

Guess I got tired of your leaving
And the bitter taste in my heart
I had to get down to deceiving
Make up for all the lonely parts.
Borderline fool
I’m crossing the line from one to the other
Borderline fool
Trying to find out if you’re my only lover
Borderline fool

You never know what you have till it’s gone
I’m glad I’ve realized in time
Temptation’s one thing hard to resist
But it don’t bring you what you want

In the long run I’d come back anyway
But I wouldn’t find the words to say
How much I care and yearn for only you
Nothing else I’d rather do

© Van Lommel 1990