Between the cracks pictures

Between the cracks

17 years old
17 years old in 1981
and raring to go!

photo shoot
  1989 photo shoot
Murphy framed
Recording artwork april 2001
White fringe elvis suit
Posing in a 1970-1972 TCB band white fringe suit 2000
photo shoot
1989 photo shoot 2 w/ Karin Peetermans
Paco de Lucia statue
Finally meeting the master... Paco de Lucía statue in Algeciras, Spain 2017
tuning with James Burton
Tuning up with James Burton
Vito, Mol 2003
photo fun
Photo shoot silliness with Pat Caers (R) 1990
More first steps in 1981...
elvis suit
Yet another 1976-1977 TCB band suit & shot by photographer Ed Bonja himself 2000
Ed Bonja photographer
Elvis photographer Ed Bonja at work august 2000
Barbara Dex newspaper
Press review on Barbara Dex releasing new cd including my song 'Who are you' 1996
Serious attempt to get the picture right...
...but not succeeding! w/ Marleen Loos (M) and Pat Caers (R) 1988
somewhere 1981...
John Wilkinson guitar
So that's how I got my John Wilkinson signature guitars! 2002
Picking a flamenco model in a guitar shop in Sevilla, Spain 2010
photo shoot
1989 photo shoot 3
Sandy, Utah
Visiting John Wilkinson august 1999 in his Sandy, Utah home
1990 publicity shot with (L) Pat Caers
Receiving flowers
The occasional flowers....
Oostende casino 1990
promo shot
1988 promo shot
Once in a lifetime Geel
Me top row with some of the other Once in a lifetime rock event participants april 1989
1991 publicity still from L to R:
Ad Kivits, Jos Loisen, Theo Puts,
Van Lommel, Jef Meeus
Elvis stage belt
Just for the picture... authentic Elvis Presley stage suit belt may 1999
Fender telecaster
My John Wilkinson Fender telecaster
New guitar
nothing as thrilling like the
excitement of a new guitar... (2004)

Cheers everyone!
July 2018

picture cake
Some thought I was pretty good..., after a slice of this!
Acoustic guitars
Meet some acoustic friends: Fender Del mar, Manuel Rodríguez, Pedro Maldonado
Sony music Nashville
Getting acquainted with the lady at Sony Music Nashville, february 1994
Army days
Doing army time in Soest, Germany spring 1987
a song for dessert
A song for dessert 2005
lazy afternoon 2004
band shoot
1991 band shoot
Late night jam
Late night jamming 1991
Show announcement
1991 show announcement
artwork Have mercy on me
artwork for april 28, 2021 release Have Mercy On Me

artwork for may 7, 2021 release Outlaw's Luck
newspaper article
Press coverage in newspapers Gazet Van Antwerpen & Het Laatste Nieuws september 2021
in old factory Mol
Photo shoot in former factory in Mol with Pat Caers 1990


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