around the studio

Around the studio

studio 1985
Oct 1985 with Andreas De Troy (L) and Marc Swolfs (R)
bass recording
  Bass recording december 1983
Serious rehearsals 1986
Killing time Oostende casino 1990
singing 1985
1985 session
Lex de Groot studio
Lex de Groot (L) and Marleen Loos (R) february 17, 1997
mixing table
Too many knobs... Tongeren, 1990
bass session
Marathon recording session summer 1986
Oostende casino
Oostende Casino with Pat Caers (R) march 1990
Theo Puts (L) and Walter Pelckmans (R) november 1990
Marleen Loos
Singer Marleen Loos 1988
Radio 2 Hasselt
Radio 2 studio Hasselt april 1990
Focus at all times with Andreas De Troy (R) 1986
recording studio
1991 Season of love/Outlaw's luck recording session
Gibson crest
Playin' a 1969 Gibson ES-335 Crest 2002
Mirjam Lagaisse
with singer Mirjam 2001
Burt Blanca
with Burt Blanca, april 2001
Bart Herman
with Bart Herman oct 2001
attic session
Attic sessions with Andreas De Troy
Marie Haest
with singer Marie Haest june 1984
James Burton
rehearsal with James Burton september Mol, 2003
Gibson ES-335
Gibson Crest ES-335
video recording march 2019, Wish you didn't care
studio break
In between takes fun 1991 L to R Jef Meeus, Jos Loisen, VL, Theo Puts
karin peetermans
4 feb 1995 with Karin Peetermans, Werft Geel
Martyn Hanson
tuning up with Martyn Hanson Mol,2003
New recording in 2021
Laying down a new track with Pat Caers, june 2021
Marleen Loos vocal session
Vocal recording session with Marleen Loos 17 february 1997
Ann Van Elsen radio
Radio interview with Ann Van Elsen, december 21, 2021
studio Rubens
Recording session Rubens studio Brussels, december 2021
Rubens recording
Rubens studio, december 14, 2021 Session for NMBS - SNCB

Rehearsal break with Pat Caers, june 2022


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