Waiting on the 209

Now if I was to tell you that it all didn't matter
Would you stand up and tell me I'm wrong?
People are different and they all want something else
Some are bound for heaven some for hell

I can hear you calling my name from a distance
You wonder what's happening here
I wish I could make you feel like I do now
And trying to get rid of the fear

Queuing up at the bus stop station
They're making noises cause the lights went out
Got no change left for the slot machine
Drinking hot coffee with the snow all around

I've been here all morning
Probably spend here the rest of the night
Waiting on line 209
Hope she'll make it here on time
Waiting on the 209
Waiting on the 209

Well I never had a chance to be better than others
So I vaguely quit trying
And stop blaming myself for all the wasted years
When I thought I'd still come out of hiding

You don't see till your face gets covered by dirt
Of a low down full time ploughing job
Only then you'll find where it is you're at
If anything at all

(bridge + chorus)

You're waiting on a call, a letter anything at all
But I am stuck here without that liner showing
Spells of snow and clouds are hanging low
Air feels cold and gusty winds are blowing

And the looks on the faces of the fellow travelers
Can make you feel better again
Nobody's talking but it's easy to see
They're keeping up the best they can

(bridge + chorus)

© Van Lommel 1990